Managing Uveitis: Tips for Success

Course Description:

Uveitis can be a challenge to manage whether it is treating the ocular inflammation or the tedious work up for a systemic association. This course provides a general overview of uveitis classification and treatment while offering tips for successful management. Autoimmune and infectious diseases associated with uveitis are reviewed with an emphasis on lab testing.

Course Objectives:
  1. Discuss systemic conditions that can cause uveitis.
  2. Review lab workup and imaging for rheumatological and infectious diseases.
  3. Review treatment and management of uveitis.
  4. Discuss atypical causes of uveitis.
Anna K. Bedwell, OD, FAAO, FORS
Clinical Associate Professor
Indiana University School of Optometry

Dr. Anna Bedwell is a Clinical Associate Professor at Indiana University School of Optometry.  She completed her optometry degree from IU in 2010 and a residency at the San Francisco VA in 2011.  She is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and a member of the Indiana Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.  Dr. Bedwell also holds fellowship in the Optometric Retina Society.

This course qualifies for 1 hour of IOB and Legend Drug Certificate credit.

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