Indiana OPTOMETRY, a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation, is the only statewide organization advocating on behalf of Doctors of Optometry and their patients.  Although it is allowed to educate policymakers and the public, federal law prohibits the association from providing campaign contributions to elected officials who support Optometry and vision care.

OPTOMETRY’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is a separate legal entity that works closely with Indiana OPTOMETRY to support candidates for state office who support Optometry and greater access to comprehensive vision care.  The PAC is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from Optometrists and members of the general public who support Optometry.  Optometry’s PAC is nonpartisan.

Please contribute to OPTOMETRY’s PAC today by using the Donate link below!   You may use the link to make one-time contributions or click here  to use the attached PAC donation form to set up recurring payments.  Your donation will help Optometry make its collective voice heard in the halls of the Indiana State House!