Awards Criteria & Nomination Forms

Recognize Those Who Serve Optometry and Their Communities

Without the dedication, desire to serve and professionalism to deliver excellent care, many Hoosiers would not enjoy the optimal vision they have today. The hard work and devotion of Indiana optometrists within their profession and around their communities provides an invaluable service to many, many families. Because of this spirit of giving and unmatched work ethic, the profession of Optometry enjoys premier standing. To recognize these unsung heroes, the IOA will honor them for their service at the Annual Spring Convention each year.

The IOA will also honor those who are not optometrists, but who have contributed to furthering the proper eye care of Hoosiers. Nominees for these awards are non-optometrists who either work with optometrists or who have contributed to quality eye care in Indiana through their work in government, the media or in through their professions.

Please consider who you think is deserving of the awards listed below and click on the orange links below to submit your nomination online. The deadline for nominations is March 1 of each year.

OPTOMETRIST OF THE YEAR: The "Optometrist of the Year" award is the IOA's highest award and is bestowed upon the member who has demonstrated not only contributions to his profession, but also service in behalf of the visual welfare of the public and service to the community at large.

PRESIDENT'S CITATION (YOUNG OD OF THE YEAR): This award is limited to a member licensed ten (10) years or less. The qualifications are identical to the Optometrist of the Year award and should be judged in the same manner. The resume should follow the same format as outlined in the Optometrist of the Year.

OPTOMETRIC EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR: The Optometric Educator of the Year Award recognizes a deserving individual member educator for performance of outstanding services on behalf of the profession, optometric education and to the visual welfare of the public.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an Optometrist or Non-Optometrist in recognition of contributions to optometry over the whole of their careers.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE TO OPTOMETRY: The award(s) shall be presented only to IOA members for long-time service rendered to the profession of optometry performed within the state association or for an outstanding current record which merits recognition but does not meet the AOA "O.D. of the Year" award standards. Only societies and the Executive Committee will be authorized to make nominations. The stature of the Distinguished Service to Optometry must be maintained so that it is meaningful, but not to be given out indiscriminately for mere PR reasons. The number of awards to be given will be left to the discretion of the Awards Committee. The award(s) may be presented each year. The Awards Committee is to decide the winner(s) of this award, subject to review by the Executive Committee. The criteria are to be brief and selective, but contain room for interpretation by the Committee.

MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD: Given to a member in recognition for service to the profession of optometry in a specific category or categories. For example: A doctor who has done significant work with VOSH. Other areas could be a specific job performed for the IOA or AOA during the past few years. 

OUTSTANDING SERVICE IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: This award is bestowed upon an individual outside the profession who has done something to further the cause of proper eye care for the public. This award has typically gone to someone in the political areas, professions, or the news media. The award serves to recognize their acts for the visual welfare of the public.