Three Steps To Evaluate If You Have Adequate Malpractice Insurance

Three Steps To Evaluate If You Have Adequate Malpractice Insurance

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Malpractice Insurance is key to protecting to you and your practice’s financial future.  It’s important to make sure you have sufficient coverage before automatically renewing each year. Use the three key considerations below to see how your current coverage compares:

  • What are liability limits?
    Malpractice insurance coverage levels are commonly represented by two figures. One figure, which will be the smaller of the two, represents the amount of coverage for an individual claim, and the other figure represents the annual aggregate amount of coverage.

  • Is Indiana’s full scope of practice covered?

Some malpractice insurance policies contain exclusions that can be left open to interpretation, such as a surgical exclusion. Many common procedures, including removal of a foreign body may fall within a surgical exclusion. Malpractice coverage administered by Lockton Affinity provides protection within your state’s defined scope of practice. 

  • How can I get help reading the fine print on my current policy?

Lockton Affinity offers a complimentary policy review for IOA members, with no obligation to switch providers or terminate your current coverage. Lockton Affinity will have an expert review the exclusions in your current policy and ensure you have adequate limits. To start your complimentary policy review, click here.

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