Online CE: The Practice of Optometry Under Indiana Law

Online CE: The Practice of Optometry Under Indiana Law

Updated for 2019

This course qualifies for 2 hours of IOB CE Credit.

Indiana OPTOMETRY has prepared this course to help practitioners to meet the requirements for license renewal. This course provides an overview of federal and Indiana statutes and rules that govern the practice of Optometry in Indiana and meets the requirements of the Indiana Optometry Board (IOB) for two hours of credit under the IOB’s rules, as provided below. Twenty (20) hours of continuing education is required for renewal of an optometry license. As part of the twenty (20) hour requirement Optometrists are required to complete two (2) hours of continuing education in any of the following areas:

(1) Medical charting.
(2) Billing and coding.
(3) Health care compliance.
(4) Compliance with federal or Indiana state laws or regulations.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the regulatory process and how it governs the practice of Optometry in Indiana
  • To review the goals, make-up, and responsibilities of the Indiana Optometry Board
  • To review the code of professional conduct and to understand the disciplinary process for those optometrists alleged to have violated the law
  • To review basic information on laws that impact practice including: 
    • The Contact Lens Rule and the Eyeglass Rule
    • Patient rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Civil Rights Act
    • Medical record keeping and patient requests for records
    • Continuing education for license renewal
    • Medical Malpractice and the Patients Compensation Fund
    • Interpreters for Limited English Proficiency Patients
    • Auxiliary Aids and Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Patients

Course Fee
IOA/AOA Members:  $50.00
Non-Members:  $60.00

Course Instructions/Course Access/Test Access 
1.  Accessing Course:  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COURSE. You must pay the course fee (see the link below) and receive a score of at least seventy percent (70%) on a 20 question test to receive credit for taking this course. This on-line course is in PDF format.

2.  Payment/Taking Test for Credit:  On the payment form, indicate $50.00 if you are an IOA/AOA member or $60.00 if you are not a member.  Take the test after studying the slides of the course. Tests will not be graded until payment is received.  No refunds will be made for online courses. Certificates of Completion will be sent via US Mail to those who pass the examination.


CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE TEST Please PRINT the test with your answers filled in prior to submitting the test electronically.  If for some reason we don't receive your exam electronically, you can submit the paper version.  

3.  Retests:  Contact Bridget Sims at or 317-237-3560 if you failed to receive 70% on the test and wish to to be tested again.  There is no charge for retests.

If you have problems accessing the course, paying for the course, or accessing the test, please contact Bridget Sims at or at 317-237-3560.