Member Only Resources

Member Only Resources

Member Resources - This link will take you to the Members Only area of the website which is available to all IOA members.

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Here is a list of some of the resources available to IOA members:


  • Indiana Legislator Finder
  • Legislator Email
  • Indiana Optometry Board


Drug Prescribing

  • Duty to Honor OD Prescriptions
  • Pharmacist Complaint Link
  • Indiana OD Drug Formulary
  • CSR for Tramadol
  • Improper Use of DEA No. Statement
  • Notice to Insurers on OD Prescribing

Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax Bulletin
  • Tax Exemption Statutes
  • Warranties and Maintenance Contracts
  • IN Sales Tax Forms
    • BT-1
    • ST-105

Legal Resources

  • Required Employer Posters
  • Statutes Regarding Tax Deduction for the Blind
  • School Screening Regulations
  • Eyeglass Prescription Release Requirements
  • Contact Lens Prescription Release Requirements
  • Dispensing Contacts Lenses without a Prescription
  • Federal Trade Commission Complaint Form
  • Insurance – Any Willing Provider Statute
  • Medical Records – Photocopy Charge Limits
  • Medical Records – Retention Requirement
  • Office Closure/Relocation Notification Requirement
  • OSHA Fact Sheets
  • Photo Release Consent

Practice Management

  • AOA MORE Registry FAQs
  • Electronic Health Records
  • EHR Certified Software
  • EHR Incentive Programs
  • EHR Registration and Attestation
  • e-Prescribing Information
  • Indiana requirements for e-prescribing controlled substances
  • ACOs - What ODs Should Know
  • ACOs - What ODs Should Do
  • PQRS (formerly PQRI) Details
  • Internet Based PECOS
  • Indiana Medicaid
  • Medicaid Provider Codes
  • Medicare Part D

Educational Reading

Pharmaceutical Links

  • Indiana Optometric Legend Drug Certificate Instructions
  • Indiana Controlled Substances Registration Permit Instructions
  • U.S. DEA Registration Information
  • Indiana Optometry Board Formulary of Legend Drugs
  • Pharmacist Duty to Honor OD Prescriptions
  • e-prescribing Information

Office of Attorney General Consumer Complaints